United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


29 April 2014
General Assembly
Sixty-eighth session
Structured Dialogue entitled “Stock-taking of the international debates on development, transfer and dissemination of clean and environmentally sound technologies”.
Intervention by Mr.Ruslan Bultrikov,
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Thank you Mr.Moderator,
I would like to briefly inform the participants about the practical steps which Kazakhstan together with its partners is taking in order to establish interregional mechanism of green technology transfer.
Kazakhstan recognizes that its Eurasian location allows it to position itself in the international arena as a bridge between Europe and Asia and it is strongly promotes regional and international cooperation in the sphere of the transfer of environmentally sound technologies.
Therefore Kazakhstan has initiated a multilateral, cross-sectoral and voluntary Partnership Programme "Green Bridge" to provide a stable and long-term basis for green investment, transfer of new technologies and innovations to create sustainable economies and create new and long-term green jobs in the developing countries and countries in transition. The Programme was crafted based on consultation among international organizations, NGOs, and representatives of governments and the private sector.
We believe that multilateral, cross-sectoral and voluntary Partnership Programme "Green Bridge" will provide a stable and long-term basis for green investment, transfer of new technologies and innovations from the developed countries in the developing world, to update the sectors of the economy and create new and long-term green jobs.
The objectives of the GBPP is promote green growth, low-carbon development, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable urban development, eco- efficient use of natural resources and investment in ecosystem services and environmental safety through technology transfer. It is also aimed at strengthening integration between Europe, Asia, and the Pacific regions.
It is the only international environmental program on green economy supported by all countries and included in the outcome document of the UN Conference Rio+20:
“We welcome regional and cross-regional initiatives for sustainable development, such as the Green Bridge Partnership which is voluntary and open for participation of all partners”.
The Programme provides measures to create conditions and infrastructure to improve access to green technology and investment, and transfer of practical and successful management experience to interested countries and organizations.
We believe that through technical support and technology transfer, capacity building and financial support from the European region, the Programme will help developing countries in Asia to move faster toward a green economy. European countries participating in the Programme are expected to benefit not only from reduced pressures on the global environment, but also from better access to Asian markets for green goods and services. In this regard the Green Bridge can provide concrete solutions to real world problems of sustainable development, solutions that span the ‘north-south’ divide. The initiative is expected to complement existing institutions by working primarily as a practical tool for cross-border private and public sector investments into the green economy and transfer of green technologies.
In September 2013 Kazakhstan hosted the First International Conference on Green Bridge Programme in Astana and its participants, namely, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Mongolia, Georgia, Germany, Montenegro have officially launched the Programme (in 2014, Finland also joined the GBPP).
The initiative outlines a number of practical activities that will put in place the conditions and infrastructure needed to expand access to green technologies and innovations for all interested countries and organizations.
Kazakhstan believes the Green Bridge Partnership Programme offers a complementary, practical mechanism for cooperation for the transition to a global green economy
Kazakhstan therefore expects the Green Bridge to become a practical tool for technological cooperation in the post 2015.