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Statement by Jordan (4 May 2006)
Jordan has witnessed a tremendous growth in the industrial sector in the past two decades and in
an effort to safe guard our environment and maintain sustainable development, Jordan has
developed and implemented many important initiatives and activities not least of which was the
new Environment Protection Law, the Jordan Cleaner Production Program, the new Industrial
Land use Plan currently in the developmental stage, the setting up of the National Energy
Research Center NERC, and most recently the inauguration of the UNU Regional Center for
Education for Sustainable Development Center.
The question was raised by one of the panelist of how do countries insure the sustainability of
programs and projects that are started by organizations and programs such as UNEP,UNIDO,
UNDP etc?
My answer to this serious question is to insure the financial sustainability of such programs and
projects are in place before the donor support or presence is concluded. Such financial
sustainability is available and must be strengthened and encouraged for example the Jordanian-
German GTZ Energy Conservation for Industries Project, which was developed for industries,
developed and introduce financial facilities and innovative environmental based commercial
lending facilitation for industries such as is being introduced by the IFC and encourage
technology transfer through encouraging Trade Missions and exchange of technology