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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Statement by Mr Raouf Dabbas from The Ministry of Environment, member of the
Jordanian Delegation at the CSD14
Jordan is a non-petroleum producing country and one that is experiencing economy growth
especially in both industrial & Tourism sectors. In order to insure this sustainable growth our
energy options must be open and diverse to protect our growing population needs.
In- light of the growing unrest in the petroleum producing region, the risk of crude oil supply
disruption is more and more becoming a growing and serious risk.
Raising fuel cost both nationally and internationally is presenting a grater socio-economic
challenge in Jordan. Last month the price of petroleum products was almost tripled as a direct
response to the raising global crude prices. As mentioned earlier all our energy options must
remain open. Alternative renewable energy sources must be pursued.
Therefore international support (ODA) and technology transfer must be insured and increased to
further develop.
Jordan's sustainable development initiative.
Public awareness, economic incentives, environmental policy (polluter pays) and enforcement in
addition to attracting advanced appropriate and affordable renewable technologies are all
essential components to ensuring our Sustainable Development. Currently, Jordan has
established our first Environmental Fund.
We have also introduced Tax & custom incentives for environmentally friendly technologies; we
have also developed a fully integrated Cleaner Production Program for SMEs (JCPP). The
Cleaner Production Mechanism is also being introduced and needs to be developed further to
include a larger target audience.
All these are tangible indications that Jordan is serious in implementing and pursuing a path of
sustainable development and introducing renewable technologies but the assistance and support
of the international community is essential.