United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Madam Chairperson
Jordan fully aligns itself with the statement presented by the honorable
Representative of Pakistan on behalf of the G77 and China.
Jordan has been active in the area of Renewable Energy and RUE for the last 30
years as Jordan imports 97% of its energy need (Last Year = 25% GDP) also
Jordan Has approved 3 CDM projects aimed at promoting RE and Reducing
Carbon emission , To promote a strategy on Energy a Royal Energy Committee
has been setup by HM king Abdullah the II of Jordan.
We feel that to promote RE, a Regional and Trance boundary cooperation in
Renewable Energy is essential.
Large Renewable Energy power plants
Many research initiatives show that Renewable Energy technology can assist in
solving the issue related to the Energy Security. The outcome of two scientific
studies conducted by a think tank and the support of the Trans-Mediterranean
Renewable Energy Cooperation network, TREC, concluded that all energy demands
for power generation and sea water desalination, for MENA and EU regions, can be
solved by:
Deserts as sources of solar energy
Available solar thermal power technologies as CSP.
In this valuable UN meeting a Renewable Energy Charter to improve our human
condition and to ensure energy security should be considered.
We would also like to express our support to the Basket of Voluntary Commitments
Madam Chairperson Thank you.