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Joint Major Group Statement

Statement on Poverty eradication, building shared prosperity and promoting equality (FA 1)

Good morning!
Thank you Co-Chairs for the revised text of the document. I am Pooja Parvati of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan speaking on behalf of Major Groups for Women, NGOs, Aging, Indigenous People, Workers and Trade Unions, Commons Cluster, ATD Fourth World, World Society for Protection of Animals, Save the Children, Oxfam, Beyond 2015 and Wada Na Todo Abhiyan. We will also submit a more detailed statement.
Speaking to FA 1 on Poverty eradication, building shared prosperity and promoting equality, we would encourage a separate standalone FA on promoting equality. While we welcome the resolve to end extreme poverty, we are concerned that the multidimensional nature of poverty seems to be unaddressed in this version. We welcome the emphasis on the need to disaggregate indicators further without which it would be difficult to gauge progress made. We would also push for more clarity on financing for this critical FA in keeping with the principle of common but differentiated responsibility.

We suggest modifications to existing six targets under FA 1 and recommend five new targets.

End poverty in all its forms everywhere:

a) eradicate extreme poverty (add here) using suitably referenced benchmarks by 2020 with a focus on addressing structural barriers faced by women and the most marginalized groups, who make up the majority of poor people [1] Having said that, we also emphasise the need to focus on well-being rather than income alone.
b) reduce the proportion of people of all ages living below national poverty lines[2] and above extreme wealth lines (the top 1%) by 2020 through regulatory frameworks and redistributive policies, by way of more progressive tax systems such as taxing use of natural resources.
c) by 2030 implement nationally designed universal social protection measures, in particular social protection floors[3], with focus on coverage of the most marginalized[4] including women, indigenous people, persons with disabilities, youth, elderly, and migrants.
d) build resilience of poor people with focus on women of all ages and the most marginalized groups and reduce by x% social, household and economic losses related to disasters [5] by protecting livelihoods and productive assets, including livestock, working animals, tools and seeds
e) WE PREFER: achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, for people of all ages, including women and young people"
f) ensure equality of economic opportunity for all women and men[7], including securing individual and collective rights to own land, property and other productive assets and access to financial services for all women and men [8]
g) ADD TARGET: ensure adequate redistribution of resources through progressive taxation policies, functioning labour market institutions and setting a minimum living wage by taxing harmful emissions and use resulting funds to promote sustainable development for all people.
h) ADD TARGET: Reduce relative poverty in societies as measured by proportion of households with incomes below 50% of median income[1]
i) ADD TARGET: Reduce the intensity of multidimensional poverty as defined by the Multidimensional Poverty Index
j) ADD TARGET: Develop nationally relevant indices to assess human well being
k) ADD TARGET: By 2030, all development plans and poverty reduction strategies - at the national, subnational and local level - include risk reduction measures based on local participatory risk assessment.

With regard to appropriate means of implementation – this must be articulated in greater detail and in keeping with the principle of common but differentiated responsibility and financing mechanisms to be adopted.

Signed by: (in alphabetical order)

ATD Fourth World
Beyond 2015
Commons Cluster for the UN
NGO Major Group
Stakeholder group on Ageing
Stakeholder group on Indigenous People
Save the Children
Wada Na Todo Abhiyan
Women’s Major Group
Workers and Trade Unions
World Society for Protection of Animals