United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Intervention made by Japan
The morning session of 9th May 2006
?Enhancing the contributions of the private sector and other stakeholders"
I would like to make an observation particularly on the importance of energy efficiency on the
consumer side, which was rightly pointed out by the panelist. For that purpose, private sector can
play a pivotal role in terms of education and awareness raising. They are in the best positions to
do that, with their wide expertise and specific know-how on the kind of energy they sell. In fact,
more and more major Japanese companies selling energy such as gas and power are engaged in
such activities, including sending lecturers to the schools, holding workshops in partnership with
NGOs, and inviting local communities to the on-site tour in the energy production. Such efforts
can make real difference in improving energy efficiency bottom- up manner. Those are clear
examples of how effective such educational activities undertaken by private companies can be.
Especially given that the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development has
just started last year, 2005, such aspect should be borne in mind of the private energy sectors
who are developing operations.