United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Intervention (Climate Change: Japan Room 4 Afternoon May 5)
I am very encouraged by knowing that not only state but local government are doing
advanced efforts to improve the local environment. Particularly to program to reutilize
waste of food oil is extremely unique, and I am pleased to hear such original actions
have been taken by one of the local states in my country.
We have a common view that air pollution, energy, industrial development and climate
change are deeply interlinked. Solution to these problems should be integrated in the
strategy of sustainable development. Now I think we are exchanging our views in terms
of how to resolve the problems and what is the priority. Japan believes that to improve
the local and global environment is essential to sustainable development. For this reason,
we have been doing many activities contributing to this goal.
One example is transboundary air pollution. Dust and sandstorms are a common
concern in the northeast Asia . The prevention and the control of dust and sandstorms
become a common urgent problem. The obstacle in this case is what one country can do
is very little. In cooperation with China, Korea and Mongolia, Japan accumulates the
scientific knowledge and set the observation sites. With participation of international
organizations, these countries formed ADB/GEF project.
So what lesson we got from the activity? The importance of international cooperation,
capacity building and participation of a wide range of stakeholders. Dr. Sathaye
mentioned comprehensive approach which I completely agree with. State and local
government, academic community, NGO, local community and private sector, these
players have their roles in realizing environmental friendly sustainable development.
This is exactly same situation in addressing concerns related to climate change and
other issues.
Next step
Then what is a next step we should take? Enhancing attention on this issue is important.
I think this meeting at CSD contributes to beefing up the political momentum and
produce political message of our commitment. Involving many stakeholders in the
dialogue also works for promoting the participation. It is necessary that government
supports to the private activities on such as R&D in energy and environment area,
financing and inter-industry cooperation. These actions can lead us to achievement of
our goal only with participation of various stakeholders.