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Thank you Mr. Chair,
First of all, let me thank all panelists for their informative presentation, including for those at the last session.
As the theme on Land arouses diverse interests and opinions, I would like to make a brief comment from the technical point of view on climate change.
Regarding approaches to sustainable land management, conservation agriculture is of fundamental importance as one of climate change mitigation methods.
Since soil management such as minimal soil disturbance, permanent soil cover and organic matter application also contributes to mitigating climate change, Japan would like to emphasize this agri-scientific factor to reinforce the significance of conservation agriculture.
Next let me briefly touch upon commercial use of land at this opportunity.
Japan thinks that promoting biofuel production should not exercise any harmful influence on the supply of food and environment. Realizing that we have a variety of opinions on the competition between demanding needs of materials for biofuel production and the supply of food and on the environmental effect on the change of land usage through deforestation, Japan understands that further detail analysis and discussion on such issues are necessary, and is happy to positively engage itself in the series of discussions.
Thank you, Mr. Chair.