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Japan’s proposal on focus area 11 at the 11th session of SDGs-OWG

Focus area 11. Sustainable Consumption and Production

On subarea a), although we fully support the sustainable management and use of natural resources, its “achievement” needs to be clearly defined in order to make this a target.
 We attach a high value on subarea b), but the difference between “prevention” and “reduction” should be made clear.
To promote a creation of a cyclical society, the targets should fully cover three dimensions of material flow, namely an entry point, a cycle and an exit point. As subarea c) covers resource productivity as an entry point and b) takes care of waste as an exit point, we therefore propose a new target that addresses cyclical use rate as a cycle as follows: “by 2030 improve the cyclical use rate by x% through reuse and recycling”.
When setting a numerical target for these areas including b), c) and cyclical use rate, different national circumstances in each country should be taken into account and the target should be on a global basis.
We are not convinced of the feasibility of subareas f) and g) as it poses additional burden on private sector.