United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


(Feb. 26, 2007 Afternoon Session on SIDS)
Statement by Mr. Mitsuhiko Shinomiya, Japan
Japan wishes to highlight following points as policy option of thematic issues of CSD15:
1. Energy
As for energy issue, together with seeking after the possibility of introducing
renewable energy, it is important for SIDS to enhance capacity for the maintenance of
existing facilities related to generation, transmission and supply of electricity power to
avoid salt damage coming from the ocean.
2. Industrial development
As for industrial development in SIDS countries, it is important to take into
account the industrial potentials, such as utilization of marine resource in terms of fish
raising industries, processing of sea food products, their export and promotionof the
investments for trade. As policy options, enhancing technical assistance for these area will
be helpful.
And also nature or ecology of SIDS can be basis for tourism industry. Eco-tourism
will enable co-existence of both nature conservation and industrial development, and it will
be essential to formulate legal system for it and the capacity building for eco-tourism
industry will be strongly important for the further sustainable development in SIDS.
3. Climate change
As for climate change, policy option related to adaptation such as forming master
plan for disaster reduction and its management will be one of the significant options.