United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Mr. Chairman,
Jamaica fully associates itself with the Statement delivered by Antigua and Barbuda on behalf of the Group of 77 and China as well as the Statement delivered by Grenada on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island Developing States (AOSIS). However, my delegation would like to briefly add our voice to those of previous speakers in voicing our objection to the convening of SIDS Day concurrent with the review session of CSD-13 Decisions on Water and Sanitation.
We are extremely disappointed that the views expressed by several members of AOSIS and the wider G77 grouping during several meetings, briefings and consultations concerning the scheduling of SIDS Day were not taken into account.
My delegation is of the view that this is a reflection of the scant regard for issues affecting SIDS. This is disconcerting particularly within the context of the enormous challenges being confronted by our countries as it relates to inter alia, declining inflow of financial and other resources, vulnerabilities to the adverse impacts of climate change, food security and the continuing decrease in the price of commodities, all of which further exacerbate the risk of marginalization of SIDS.
Additionally, our limited capacity as SIDS, impede our fullest participation in the parallel review of water and sanitation decisions. Needless to say, Mr. Chair, these issues are of vital importance to the national development of our countries.
In keeping with the decision adopted at CSD-13 to exclusively devote one day of future review sessions to SIDS, we therefore request that this regrettable act will never recur. In this regard, Jamaica fully endorses the decision to be introduced by the Chair of AOSIS and look forward to its approval by the Commission. I thank you Mr. Chairman.