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Thematic Discussion on small island developing States
Review of the implementation of the Mauritius Strategy focusing on the thematic
cluster of CSD-14
Interactive presentations of Italy to the morning panel on 8 May 2006
Mr Chairman,
The panels have underscored the challenge met toward identifying and boosting
the potential for local generation of energy, with the last panellists, also touching
on the ceiling on the actual amount of renewable energy potential which
unavoidably limits individual SIDS.
This is, for example, the case of the high costs for the provision of grid connection
for remote islands which calls for the urgent application of renewable energy
technologies adapted to the special conditions of SIDS. In this context, it is
worth mentioning, an initiative that the Italian Government is developing in
collaboration with UNIDO, on the exploitation of tidal and marine current
resources for energy generation, through the installation of specific turbines.
Prototypes of such turbines are already in place in Italy, and plans for their
production in other coastal countries are in an advanced stage. We firmly believe
on the potential replication of this project to a number of SIDS. I would be glad if
SIDS countries and interested organizations could join us at a special event today
at lunch time, in the Delegates Dining Room, organized by UNIDO, Italy and
Indonesia for the launch of the project, in the presence of its initiators.
With regard to your encouragement to expand on progress and opportunities for
building upon partnerships, let me inform the floor that in the framework of the
SIDS partnership launched at the Mauritius? conference by Italy, Ecuador and
Yemen, with UNDP and IUCN, a scoping exercise is in progress toward
identifying clusters of SIDS sharing specific planning and management problems.
Together with effective ad hoc involvement of relevant members, such a pursuit
will ensure the appropriate tailoring of the support the partnership will provide in
terms of south-south exchanges, technology transfer, and capacity building in
system planning and management.
Chairman question on how the south-south cooperation is implemented in our
The partnership launched in Mauritius has been conceived toward sharing with the
SIDS the capacity building and technological transfer contributions of the
?Galapagos-Soqotra? Johannesburg Type 2 Partnership initiative. Such an
initiative, bridging the two world known archipelagos, can constitute for SIDS an
effective laboratory where, in the framework of a multimillion dollars development
programme, such sustainable management challenges are being tackled as the
integration of energy and climatic changes components in systemic management
By joining the south-south interchange programme SIDS will share with other
partners their best practices, culture and ideas, and explore the adaptations of
acquired technology (including that north-south transferred) in their respective
development environmental realities through:
- participating in exchange programmes between key professional staff
(technical and administrative),
- taking part in training activities on-site and in Italy,
- exchanging data and contributing to joint research programmes and field
- assisting in the development and transfer of capacity for establishing GIS
database systems and relevant applications particularly Decision Support
- contributing to the development of the regional and global networks
connecting SIDS with scientific organisations.