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Iraq’s Statement
The Third Session of Intergovernmental Negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda: 23-27 March 2015

Distinguished Co-facilitators
Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I should like to express our appreciation for your constructive and transparent approach in steering the negotiation process. I would also like to express Iraq’s appreciation to the chair of the statistical commission for the technical report, which can be described as frank and clear.
We associate ourselves with the statements made by Saudi Arabia kingdom on behalf of the Arab Group, by South Africa on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

We would like to start by highlighting the importance of the following elements that my country wishes to draw the attention of the Statistical Commission to:
- The indicators should be derived from reliable national sources based on the unified concepts, definitions and methods of monitoring which facilitate comparisons between countries.
- They should provide good and sound measurements of progress towards the goals and targets of the sustainable development.
- The indicators should be clear and explicit, and serve as a basis for comparisons at the international level.
- Its foundation, to the maximum possible extent, should be based on unified international standards, and in consistent with the legal and social systems in the countries.

Mr. Co-facilitator,

The political foundations for sustainable development are peace, security, good governance and respect of the internationally agreed human rights. Based on that, we would like to ensure that the final outcome of this negotiation process will strike a practical balance between development and peace and security needs. We are of the view that the indicators should provide a comprehensive measure of peacefulness in the countries as crafted in the goal (16).

Peace and security are much more complex, the importance should be placed on the areas emphasized in the targets under the goal (16), such as terrorism and violent extremism, and they should be able to deepen the understanding of the trends, patterns and drivers of peace and security in a given society.

The indicators should be able to measure functioning of the institutions, structures and attitudes which build peace and security in the long term.

We assure you, Mr. Co-facilitator, of the full support of the delegation of Iraq as you carry out your mission.