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Proposals by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of IRAN

Working Document for 5 – 9 May Session of Open Working Group
Focus Areas 13 and 14

Focus area 13. Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas

Take urgent and significant actions for the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas

a) by 2030, prevent, control and reduce by x% marine pollution and marine disposal of waste and tailings, including from land-based activities
b) by 2030, restore and protect marine ecosystems from destruction , including by halting and preventing ocean acidification
c) by 2030, regulate harvesting to restore fish stocks to ecologically safe levels that can produce maximum sustainable yield , and support sustainable small-scale fisheries
d) develop and ensure the full implementation of existing regional and international regimes governing oceans and seas by their state parties, including for resources in areas beyond national jurisdictions
e) by 2020, eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and destructive fishing practices
f) establish Mmarine Pprotected Aareas, consistent with international law
g) by 2030, eliminate fishing subsidies which contribute to overcapacity and overfishing in accordance with the international agreements.

Appropriate means of implementation

Focus area 14. Ecosystems and biodiversity

Protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems and halt all biodiversity loss

a) by 2020 halt the loss of all biodiversity, including habitats, and protect threatened species
b) by 2020 ensure conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems, including through restoration of degraded critical ecosystems
c) maintain genetic diversity of both farmed species and their wild relatives
d) by 2030, ensure sustainable management of all forests and mountain ecosystems, halting deforestation and increasing reforestation , restoring degraded forest ecosystems and increasing area of protected forests by x% by 2030,
e) achieve a land degradation neutral world
f) ensure fair and equitable sharing of benefits derived from natural assets, including genetic resources
g) Alt. ensuring fair and equitable sharing of the benefits from the utilization of genetic resources;

g) end poaching and trafficking of endangered species
h) by 2030, eliminate invasive alien species
i) ensure inclusion of indigenous and local communities in decision making, and promote traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples
j) ensure that the outcomes of research and knowledge creation are accessible to developing countries
a) enhance access to science, engineering and technical skills, and innovations for developing countries;
b) commit to help developing countries in enhancing their capacities and ensure affordable access to related know-how, science, technologies, and innovations by developing countries;
c) reinforce incentives for developing countries to advance sustainable forests management and enhancement of forest carbon stocks

Appropriate means of implementation