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Proposals by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of IRAN

Working Document for 5 – 9 May Session of Open Working Group
Focus Areas 11 and 12

Focus area 11. Sustainable Consumption and Production

Promote sustainable consumption and production patterns

a) by 2030 achieve sustainable management and use of natural resources promote integrated and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems that supports inter alia economic, social and human development while facilitating ecosystem conservation, regeneration and restoration and resilience in the face of new and emerging challenges.
b) by 2030 reduce waste by x% through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse , as well as hazardous and chemical waste
c) improve the resource productivity of economic activities by x% , including through sustainable supply chains by 2030
d) by 2030 redouble efforts to raise awareness for creating a culture of sufficiency and sustainable lifestyles , including sustainability information on products and services (to be transferred to the Education Focus Area)
e) by 2020, encourage economic incentives assist developing countries to strengthen their scientific and technological capacities that promote sustainable consumption and production patterns including through a product life-cycle approach
f) By 2017, establish a corporate social and environmental responsibility, and, by 2030 increase by x percentage points the share of companies reporting on corporate social and environmental responsibility , including integrated reporting
g) by 2030, all financial sector actors incorporate sustainable development principles in their business practices
h) create incentives for sustainable tourism
i) Set global targets and indicators for progress on moving towards sustainable consumption and production methods, to be tailored nationally;
j) Implement the 10-Year Framework of Programme (10YFP) on sustainable consumption and production, taking into account the developed countries to take the lead;
k) Strengthen international cooperation, including through financial resources, capacity-building and technology transfer to developing countries

Appropriate means of implementation

Focus area 12. Climate change
(Iran supports the streamlining and integration of einvirionment-related targets into other focus areas, which the main thrust can also be captured in the narrative part of the report)

Take urgent and significant action to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Build a climate change goal based on the outcome of COP21 of the UNFCCC (what would be the added-value of duplication?!!!)

a) hold the increase in global average temperature below an x°C rise in accordance with international agreements (UNFCCC?!)
b) build resilience and adaptive capacity to climate induced hazards in all vulnerable countries (UNFCCC?!)
(The followings are also already streamlined in other focus areas)
c) integrate climate adaptation and emissions reductions into development plans and poverty reduction strategies
d) introduce instruments and incentives for investments in low-carbon solutions in infrastructure, industry and other sectors
e) improve education and awareness raising on climate change

Appropriate means of implementation