United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Proposals by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of IRAN

Working Document for 5 – 9 May Session of Open Working Group
Focus Areas 9 and 10

Focus area 9. Industrialization and promoting equality among nations (separate focus area)

Promote sustainable industrialization and equality among nations

a) ensure adequate policy space and a conducive policy environment at all levels for industrial development, including encouragement of industrial entrepreneurship and enterprise formation with inclusion of SMEs
b) create decent industrial sector jobs and promote job-rich industrial development
c) achieve high productivity levels across industrial sectors in all countries
d) Promote endogenous technology development and innovation in developing countries.
e) by 2030 increase industrial diversity particularly in developing countries, with a focus on shifting towards higher value-added activities through provision of, access to and transfer of technologies to developing countries
f) ensure favourable market access for industrial products and processed commodities of developing countries;
g) by 2030, increase by x% the resource-efficiency of industry , reduce by y% harmful chemicals used and waste generated , and decrease by z% the intensity of carbon emissions from the industrial sector
h) increase by a factor of x the share of environmentally sustainable products and services in GDP
i) enhance access to science, engineering and technical skills, and innovations for developing countries;
j) by 2020 implement plans and measures to strengthen the technological capabilities of industrial sectors in developing countries, including plans to accelerate development, transfer and adoption of environmentally sound industrial technologies and processes including cleaner fossil fuel technologies
k) Increase domestic processing of raw materials by x%
l) by 2030 retrofit x% of existing industries on global level based on energy and resource-efficient technologies and environmentally sound industrial processes
m) ensure that the outcomes of research and knowledge creation are accessible to developing countries
n) Ensure that trade rules and regulations are consistent with the objectives of developing countries for industrial development and technological progress in order to ensure equality of economic opportunities for all
o) observe cultural identity, societal values and use of indigenous languages in all countries
p) Establish measures at global level to reduce inequality among countries

Appropriate means of implementation

Focus area 10. Sustainable cities and human settlements

Build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities and human settlements

a) By 2030, ensure universal access to adequate and affordable housing and basic services for all , and eliminate slum-like conditions inadequate housing everywhere
b) By 2030, provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport for all , improve road safety and urban air quality
c) enhance capacities of the developing countries for having integrated urban human settlement planning and management
d) by 2030, reduce the ecological footprints of cities by x% (UNFCCC?! CBDR?!)
e) by 2020, increase by x% the number of cities adopting and implementing policies and plans towards resilience and adaptation to climate change and natural disasters
f) facilitate investments in the developing countries, in infrastructure such as roads, railways, ports, electricity, and communications;
g) by 2030 enhance social cohesion and personal security, and ensure universal access to inclusive and safe public spaces
h) by 2030 ensure that all cities rural and urban areas are accessible and offer opportunities to persons with disabilities
i) protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage
j) assist developing countries in enhancing their capacities and ensure affordable access to related know-how, science, technologies, and innovations;

Appropriate means of implementation