United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Interventions by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran
On 19 Focus Areas as clustered by the Co-chairs
At the 10th Session of the OWG
Cluster Five: Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements; Promote Sustainable Consumption and Production; and Climate
(31 March to 4 April 2014)
Cluster Five: Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements; Promote Sustainable Consumption and Production; and Climate
At the outset, I would like to associate myself with the statement made by Bolivia, on behalf of the Group of 77 and China; I would also like to add a few points in my national capacity as following:
- On a very General Note:
o Many of the Targets mentioned under the Focus Areas are very important and extremely great to be classified as Goal-able issues, however I am wondering how they might be measureable as well; and, we fully rely on your capable hands in addressing this controversy;

- On Focus Area 13: Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements, I have two comments, as following:
o We believe that for the sake of having limited and focused targets, we can agree to having Targets a, d, e, f, g, and j;
o on the same line, we believe that Targets b and I, as well as c are adequately addressed respectively under the focus areas related to infrastructure and SCP; and Target h would be merged to Target g;

- on Focus Area 14: Promote Sustainable Consumption and Production
o My delegation also along with many other countries believe that this is a very important focus area which demands having a standalone goal;
o Additionally my delegation believes that five Targets b, c, e, h and m are the ones that we have to capture them under this Focus Area;
o My delegation maintains that other Targets are adequately addressed under other focus areas.

- On a very general comment on “Education”, we can witness that the issue of education is raised under many focus areas; one way to get out of repetition and streamlining the text would be to have a Target under the Focus Area related to Education, and refer to all fields of required attention therein, and avoid repetition.

- On Focus Area 15: Climate
o My delegation reiterates a general point it has raised during the stock-taking sessions, which the OWG should not prejudge or preempt the other UN related existing processes, that is this time UNFCCC.
o On the same vein, the Target a is something that is or has to be defined by UNFCCC;
o And other Targets mentioned under this Focus Area is also sufficiently addressed under other Focus Areas, namely: Targets b and e under “Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements”; Targets c and d under “Energy”; and Target f, as I have said earlier should come under “Education”.

I Thank You Mr. Co-Chair.