United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Interventions by the Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran
On 19 Focus Areas as clustered by the Co-chairs
At the 10th Session of the OWG
Cluster one: Poverty Eradication; and Promote Equality
(31 March to 4 April 2014)
Cluster one: Poverty Eradication; and Promote Equality
At the outset, I would like to associate myself with the statement made by Bolivia, on behalf of the Group of 77 and China; I would also like to add a few points in my national capacity as following:
- On Focus Area One: Poverty Eradication
o We think that the wordings of “absolute” or “relative” poverty in Targets a and b are not internationally defined and we should avoid such terminologies;
o There is no qualitative nature in a and b, when they address to poverty eradication and my delegation believes that the problem of purely numeric approach is present here, and it is upon us to develop different perspectives as the one mentioned by Romania about “welfare” or others, so that different elements would be captured in defining “poverty”;
o Although there is a broad agreement on the necessity of having a nationally defined “social protection”, however, there is no internationally agreed “social protection floors”; therefore proper reference in this regard should be used in Target c and the rest of this document;
o In Target d, there is vague reference to “associated rights” where it is referring to productive assets; my delegation maintains that we are not in the stock-taking phase and should avoid general and non-measurable references throughout the text;
o The issue of data collection is also an issue that we should deal with in almost all focus areas, however we need to develop an internationally agreed method for such data collection, and it is not just for evaluation or monitoring, but also to know from where it is supposed to begin;

- On Focus Area 12: Promote Equality
o In the cluster 1, we can see that just Targets a and b, are purely taking about the poverty eradication and the rest are somehow social aspect of it and related to equality; this is also true for most of other focus areas as well; so, my delegation believes that if the targets related to equality, as cross-cutting issues, are to be streamlined throughout the text, and there might not be a need for having it as a standalone goal.
I Thank You Mr. Co-Chair.