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I would like to align our statement with the statement made by the
representative of Pakistan, speaking on behalf of the Group of 77 and
Every efforts must be made to achieve global energy security through focus
on development on cleaner fossil fuel energy while at the same time we
have to increase reliance on renewable energy, energy efficiency and
energy saving measures, supported by effective policies and increased
capacity building, technology transfer and financing.
With regard to the Chair?s negotiating document, we are of the view that a
number of issues should be appropriately addressed. They include:
1. Energy Security and Renewable Energy
Indonesia attaches great importance to the expansion of the sustainable
use of renewable sources of energy, that include biofuels, hydropower,
geothermal, wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy.
With a view to substantially increasing the global share of renewable
energy supply, we recognize the need to setting voluntary national and
regional targets taking in to account national condition and effort.
International cooperation to achieve this voluntary target is critically
2. Improving Access to Energy
Improving access to energy for the poor and the expansion of energy
services in rural and remote areas will play important role in the
achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Indonesia believes that
particular attention through concerted international efforts is urgently
We also invite all of us to create concrete measures to Promote rural
electrification projects, and supporting local efforts to provide energy
supplies to the basic infrastructures by enabling investment environment.
3. Energy Efficiency and Conservation of Energy
In energy efficiency and conservation of energy, Indonesia support
concrete measures at all levels to ensure energy security supply. In this
regard, we support the promotion of labeling and standardization for energy
appliances and to this end, promoting public private partnership.
Further, raising consumer awareness and participation in energy efficiency,
energy savings and conservation of energy campaigns is vital aspect to
promote energy efficiency and should be highlighted in the Chair?s
Thank you Madam Chair.