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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


New York, 28 February 2007
1 My Delegation wishes to associate itself with the statement made by the
distinguished delegate of Pakistan speaking on behalf of Group 77 and
China under the current deliberations.
2 Widespread events of natural disasters in many countries including
Indonesia recently have become more alarming and it has increasingly
shown serious challenge of the climate change to the whole world.
However, while addressing this climate change challenge, the developing
countries specifically are facing other fundamental challenges with respect
to address economic and social development matters including
eradication of poverty. It is our firm belief that this Commission will be
able to provide policy options in addressing the climate change issues.
3 Despite this pressing challenge, there exists different perceptions among
countries on how this problem must be dealt with. In this connection, my
Delegation is particularly concerned on the lack of commitment to fulfill the
Kyoto Protocol. In this regard, my Delegation calls for a more
strengthened international cooperation.
4 Such international cooperation may offer much relevant, among others, in
the area of technology transfer on enhancing cleaner and more efficient
energy technology which will be useful in reducing the emission of
atmospheric pollutants particularly greenhouse gases.
5 Furthermore, we also support an integrated approach to address climate
change and put it under the consideration of social, economic, and
environmental dimensions as well as the introduction of coherent policies
in relevant sectors ? inter alia, energy, agriculture, water, forestry, and
transport. If this can be made, then there will be more links between
climate change response policy and more comprehensive national policy
framework of sustainable development.
6 At the national level, my Government has made some legislative initiatives
to strengthen measures to respond to the challenge of climate change
including the Presidential Decree no. 39 of 2005 regarding the
government work plan which contains stipulation of the needs to address
CDM implementation and the increase of the capability to adapt to global
climate change. To prepare for the operationalization of CDM, the
Government has taken some strategic actions such as the issuance of
new regulation to facilitate the entry of foreign capital and foreign firms, as
well as the establishment of the Indonesian DNA last year.
7 Finally, I believe that the upcoming COP-XIII UNFCCC / MOP-III Kyoto
Protocol to be held in Bali, Indonesia, in December this year, will indeed
be a very critical meeting in addressing pressing climate change issues.
Thank you.