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Intervention by India at IPM for CSD 17
? We thank the Secretary General for his comprehensive report on the
subject. The report has correctly highlighted some successful
agricultural development strategies, including that of India. In the
spirit of South-South cooperation, we have been sharing the
experience that we have gained, and we stand ready to deepen these
? Just one comment on the report ? there appears to be an
overemphasis on promoting organic method of farming by small
farmers in developing countries. Our experience shows that an
optimal combination of organic cultivation with use of appropriate
chemical fertilizers is extremely essential for enhancing the
productivity of different crops, and meeting the growing food grain
demand in developing countries.
? Let me emphasize that the key barrier to agricultural development in
developing countries remains the massive agricultural subsidies by
developed countries. These have distorted international markets and
weakened agricultural production in developing countries, apart from
adversely impacting their food security. It is now time for
implementation ? we urge developed countries to take urgent steps to
eliminate their agricultural subsidies.
? We also need to keep in mind that in developing countries, agriculture
is not merely an issue of commerce, but is a vital livelihood issue for
millions. Hence, an integrated approach, focussing on improving net
income of farmers; promoting sustainable use of natural resources like
soil, water, bio-diversity; empowering small, marginal and vulnerable
farmers; appropriate price and trade policy mechanisms; and ensuring
food and nutritional security, are imperative.
? The food crisis last year has highlighted the need to enhance
agricultural production in developing countries. We must ensure that
international efforts support this objective. A point in particular is the
need for supporting institutions like the CGIAR and enhancing
international collaboration in areas like genetic resources and
development of new and improved varieties of crops.
? Before concluding, allow me to highlight our success in leveraging ICTs
in our agricultural development efforts ? provision of market
intelligence and price analysis to farmers is a good example.