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Intervention by India at IPM for CSD 17
? SIDS, like many developing countries, have been particularly
affected by the current financial crisis. This needs need to be
given particular attention.
? SIDS must also be supported in their efforts to prepare
National Adaptation Plans of Action, and implement projects
identified by such Plans.
? In the spirit of solidarity that governs South-South
cooperation, India has been honoured to contribute to the
development efforts of SIDS by sharing its experience and
expertise, as well as intellectual and technological resources.
? In its cooperation efforts with SIDS, India has shared the
experience gained from addressing similar concerns in the
large number of small islands within its territory.
? Overall, India has committed project aid of US$ 70 million to
SIDS, in addition to US$ 350 million in concessional loans and
credit lines.
? However, efforts by fellow developing countries like India can
only supplement the efforts required from the international
community. Developed countries must, with a sense of
urgency, fulfil their obligations of adequate financial
resources, technology transfer and capacity building.
? International support must be in line with national priorities
identified by the SIDS themselves.
? The most important element is implementation, rather than
new commitments.