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10th Session of the Open Working Group on SDGs
March 31- April 4, 2014

Intervention by Amit Narang, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of India during discussions on Cluster 2 – Gender Equality, Education, Employment and Health

Mr. Co-Chair,
My delegation would like to make a specific proposal for a target under the proposed 'Gender' goal in the SDGs. In the 8th session of the OWG we had highlighted how empowering women using enabling technologies can be a game changer if harnessed and applied to its full potential in developing countries. This is borne out of experience in many developing countries including India. We can significantly expand the ambit of applying such enabling technologies in particular ICT technologies for women in education, access to clean drinking water, healthcare, rural handicrafts and communications and decentralize their uses by transferring the access, control, management and ownership of such technologies to rural women themselves. By doing so, we can bring about structural transformation in the lives of millions of women across the world.
We would therefore propose that we include a specific target on "Using enabling technologies, in particular Information and Communication Technologies for the empowerment of women".
I thank you.