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The Permanent Mission of Iceland
to the United Nations
Statement by
Ambassador Gunnar Pálsson
Director, Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
at the
Fourteenth Session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable
Theme: Addressing inter-linkages between climate change and sustainable
New York, 4 May 2006
The Permanent Mission of Iceland to the United Nations
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I tend to agree with my friend and panelist from Iceland, Halldor Þorgeirsson, when he
argues that the economics are not right when it comes to ways and means of tackling climate
change and the relationship between climate and energy use.
But I would also agree with him that a lot of the "action" today is taking place in the
market-place and the private sector, including many of the best practices. But this also is part
of the economics, which suggests that at least some part of the economics is in fact right.
This brings on the question of whether we might not think more about how we can
give the private sector greater leverage in showing us the wey out of the bind we now find
ourselves in. What I have in mind in particular is the need to create the right incentives, the
need to eliminate subsidies in the conventional energy sector and create a level playing field
for clean, renewable energy resources in the international market-place.
Maybe our distinguished panelists could share with us some of their thoughts on this