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National statement on indicators, Iceland

• Co-facilitators. Thank you for convening this session, which I am sure will bring us towards a common understanding of how to proceed regarding goals, targets - and indicators.

• It is the position of Iceland, like so many who have spoken already, that individual indicators are a task for our statistical expert community and we need to allow them enough time.

• Indicators need to be in line with the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and other statistical standards and international agreements. They need to be transparent and of high quality. If indicators deriving from NGOs or other stakeholders are to be used it needs to be certain that these are fully compliant with aforementioned standards - as some colleagues touched upon yesterday.

• Taking into account challenges of developing countries as well as small administrations like ours, Iceland calls for a manageable number of indicators which our respective national statistical offices feel confident about. We further emphasize that existing indicators that are suitable to measure the various targets, should be used, in order to ensure sustainability.

• Co-facilitators. Indicators are crucial for the monitoring and review of success towards the SDGs. Let us not rush to agree on a package that is insufficient in quality. We therefore support the roadmap endorsed by the Statistical Commission. Agreeing on a clear timeline for deciding on the indicators, allowing flexibility for revising them, will be a necessary part of what our leaders agree on in September. Should there be sufficient progress by September, we might be in position to take note of a provisional indicator framework in the Post-2015 package.

• Co-facilitators, last but not least let me join the large number of colleagues who have mentioned the indicator aspect of leaving no one behind. Effectively monitoring the targets for women and girls requires systematic sex and age disaggregation of indicators across all goals.

• Co-facilitors. As our discussion on indicators relates to the follow-up and review session in May, I might re-visit some of these issues.

• I thank you.