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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Statement by B.E. Akos Berzetei
Under-secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary
At the high-level United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of
Sustainable Development Goal 14
7 June 2017, 15h, General Assembly Hall
Distinguished Participants,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Allow me to thank the President of the General Assembly H. E. MrPeter Thomson, as
well as the co-presidents of the conference from Fiji and Sweden for the opportunity to share
commitments on preservingthe health ofthe world's oceans, seas and marine resources, as well
as creating a platfomi for action on ~ustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14.
Hungary is a landlocked country, but has been dedicated to the elaboration and to the
implementation ofthe Agenda 2030 from the very beginning. The core value ofthe SDGs lies
.with the interconnectivity of the goals and targets, therefore the ambitious objectives cannot
succeed without eachother. We are equally committed to the Paris Agreement; having been the
first ED Member State. to ratify it in order to foster an early entry into force.
We acknowledge that many nations are dependent on the health of the oceans and seas
for their survival. The further deterioration of the current status of oceans will affect us all.
Preserving and sustainably managing oceans resources is a challenge of global nature !equiring
partnership based on cooperation by all stakeholders.
Hungary is dedicated to this cooperation as a member of several international
organizations and agreements on preserving and protecting the health and the biodiversity of
rivers and oceans, for example the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube
river, the United Nations Convention on the Law ofthe Sea and the Standing Committee ofthe
Washington Convention.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Water connects! This has been the motto of the Budapest Water Summit of 2013 and
2016, reflecting Hungary's engagement in linking policymakers to all key players, who are
active in the international water arena, including on strengthening the science policy interface.
Paraphrasing that idea, we also believe that 'Oceans connect us all'!
. \
Hungary, as co-moderator ofthe dialogue on improving the integration and coordination
of the work of the UN on the water-related SnGs encourages closer cooperation among
countries and nations at political, researcher and implementation level. Being part of conflict
prevention, this shall contribute to achieving sustainable peace and development in the longer
Thank you for your attention.