United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Group of 77 & China

Mr. Chairman,
1. Last week, many developing countries spoke about their implementation of SCP activities and the development of good practices, including through contributing to the Marrakech Process. In particular, we heard how some of these countries benefited economically and environmentally from National Cleaner Production Centres. Developing countries also highlighted the challenges faced in implementing SCP measures, including technology transfer, education, and predictable and stable financing. Environmental standards set by developed countries should also not become new barriers to trade.
2. The Group believes that there is an urgent need to scale up efforts towards sustainable consumption and production. Change must also begin in developed countries.
3. Going forward, we continue to emphasize the need to build a 10 Year Framework of Programmes on SCP based on the work that we have done in this area, including national, subregional and regional strategies and the Marrakech Process. The Marrakech Process has achieved important progress in the promotion and implementation of SCP. In this regard, it should remain an important forum for dialogue and cooperation on SCP issues among Governments and other stakeholders at all regional levels.
4. At the same time, the Framework must address the gaps and challenges faced by developing countries in the area of SCP, including predictable and stable financing for implementing SCP activities, the transfer of technology on favorable terms and training and capacity building. It must be led by developed countries, recognize the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, support poverty eradication efforts and contribute to a fair and equitable multilateral trading system. It should also take into account the need for all countries to promote SCP and implement SCP activities. While some delegations have made proposals on the Framework, it is nevertheless important that we continue our discussions between now and CSD19 on the process towards developing the Framework, including on the format and substance needed, in order for all countries to participate and be engaged in the building of this Framework.
5. In this regard, the Group recommends that a possible way forward could be through an open-ended ad-hoc working group under the aegis of the UN.
Thank you.