United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Statement delivered by the Representative of
of Greece to the UN
Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

Focus Areas 7 (Energy) and
8 (Economic growth, employment and infrastructure)

6 May, 2014
Thank you Mr. Co-chair.
I will be very brief, conveying a few points on focus areas 7 and 8.
Before starting, I would like to point out that Greece aligns itself with the relevant comments made by EU at its yesterday’s statement
Focus Area 7: Energy
• We believe that this focus area has been well developed from the previous draft. We particularly welcome the language on access to energy and energy efficiency.
• We strongly support target b, on increasing the share of renewable energy, which we believe can be the cornerstone of policies to address the negative effects of climate change.
• In target a, we would like to propose the following amendment: after the end of the sentence to add the phrase “and promote exchange of good practices in terms of reducing costs for consumers”.
Focus Area 8: Economic growth, employment and infrastructure
• We welcome, in general, the inclusion of the issues pertaining to access to decent work and youth employment, but we believe that the targets (i.e. %) need further consideration.
• We strongly support target c, referring to decreasing youth not in employment, education or training.
• We would like to propose an addition to target b. Namely, after the words marginalized groups we would propose to add “and eliminate the gap of employment between persons with disabilities and general population”.
• Finally, we would like to support the proposals submitted by Peru, on behalf of the Group of Friends of Culture and Development, at which Greece is a member, concerning addition of the word creativity before the word innovation in target e (it would read “.., creativity and innovation..”, and addition of the word creative before the word activities in target f (it would read “..and creative activities..”).