United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Statement delivered by the Representative of
of Greece to the UN
Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

Focus Areas 5 (Gender equality and women's empowerment) and 6 (Water and Sanitation)

6 May, 2014

Before starting, I would like to point out that Greece aligns itself with the relevant comments made by EU at its yesterday’s statement.
Focus Area 5: Gender equality and women's empowerment
• Adding our voice to those of numerous delegations, we would like to express our strong support to the inclusion of gender as a stand alone goal and we would also propose to strengthen gender mainstreaming throughout the other focus areas.
• We would propose to add in target e, after the word including, “financial and banking services, property rights, markets and”, so that the phrase will read “.. assets and resources, including financial and banking services, property rights, markets and natural resources management”.
• We welcome the inclusion of SRHR in target i.

Focus Area 6: Water and Sanitation
• We welcome the language on target a, pertaining to access to safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation and hygiene, especially for women and girls
• We also express our strong support at target d as regards integrated water resource management, including appropriate trans-boundary cooperation, as supported by Finland and other delegations.