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Global Business Alliance (GBA)

Good morning Mr. Co-Chairs,
My name is Richard Mkandawire of the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership from South Africa. I am speaking for the Global Business Alliance for Post 2015, on behalf of the Business and Industry Major Group.
Measuring success – it is the only way to know impact, affect change, and improve. We note with concern the report of the UN Statistical Commission that many of the indicators, as currently drafted, fall below acceptable levels of feasibility, suitability and relevance. The importance of selecting indicators that can be successfully measured cannot be overstated. Business is eager to share with the Inter-agency and Expert Group on SDG indicators its decades of experience in designing and refining precise indicators to track sustainability goals. But business engagement should not stop there-we need to be involved on the ground as all of these indicators are implemented at global, national and local levels.
Careful attention should be given to data gathering and analysis so as to tackle the challenge of dis-aggregation of data particularly of the rural/urban divide, as well as gender. This is only possible if they are well selected and are of a quality that is global in nature. Business is a major resource of such useful data.
For instance, in agriculture, we note that the indicators on nutrition do not reference lactating mothers, though it is in the target. We also note the importance of measuring micronutrient deficiencies as part of stunting.
We encourage your particular attention to targets on economic growth and industrialization. Countries can only sustain development if their economies flourish, while people will exit poverty and share prosperity if they can find worthwhile jobs. Economic and employment indicators are vital not just for business but as a foundation for our shared progress.
We will be submitting to you more comprehensive comments on indicators for all priority goals in a short time.
Thank you.