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NYC, 03. March 2011
Contribution of Germany on SCP, 03.03.2011
Sustainable consumption and production (SCP)
· Germany fully aligns itself with the statement of the European Union. In
addition to that statement allow me to highlight 3 aspects regarding the 10
· Given the huge influence of consumption and production on the environmental
situation the adoption of the 10-year framework of programmes on
sustainable consumption and production is the key decision at CSD 19.
Therefore this framework should be ambitious and based on a clear
political commitment expressed at CSD 19. It should encourage and
enable national and regional governments, businesses and other major
groups to make consumption and production patterns more sustainable. The
political commitment at CSD 19 should ensure a significant scaling up of the
work on SCP at the national, regional and internationa l level. In that regard
the framework should built on the positive experience of the Marrakesh
process. This process in its finding new ways of cooperation and steering of
policies has proved to be very effective in terms of positive results but clearly
lacked a strong political commitment which we now hope for at CSD 19.
· The framework should provide for a stronger involvement of all relevant
stakeholders. It is not the task of governments alone to implement a 10 YFP.
Industry, retailers but also major groups of NGO´s, local communities, youth,
women representing huge consumer groups are key to make more sustainable
consumption and production happen. To this end we see the need for new
cooperation formats, for example a global pact between
policymakers and relevant stakeholders on sustainable consumption
and production patterns. In this regard Germany also proposed a program
on labelling for sustainable products and services.
- 2 -
· In order to implement a 10 YFP we need a well-functioning
organisational structure that incorporates all key cooperation
partners including the relevant stakeholders . In view of the experience
gained with the Marrakesh process and the discussions at CSD 18 and the
intersessional meeting in Panama a structure with a single secretariat, a board
consisting of governments and stakeholders as well as structures on the
regional and national level ? e.g. in the form of mandated focal points ? could
be successful.