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National Statement UN, 8 June 2017
President [der GV, Peter Thomson],
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Germany fully aligns itself with the
statement made by the European Union
on Tuesday. I would like to make some
additional remarks.
Germany firmly stands by its commitment
to the Paris Agreement and to the goals of
the 2030 Agenda, which we adopted here
almost two years ago.
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This building stands
aspiration for peace
for the world's
and equity like no
Peace and equity can only
this century by protecting the
of life of billions of people.
be achieved in
Germany will therefore do everything in its
power to ensure that the international
community maintains this momentum and
does not turn back the clock on what we
have achieved so far.
Water- in all its forms- is life.
existence depends on healthy
need them as a source of food
Our very
oceans. We
for our
growing global population.
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We need them to ensure that prosperity
and social equity in the countries of the
South are improved. We need them for the
fight against climate change and we
to protect the unique flora and
in them.
fauna living
! am therefore very grateful to you,
President Thomson, and to Fiji and
Sweden for initiating this summit. It is
time we talked about protecting our
oceans within this framework and aqreed
on protective measures in line with
sustainable development that will also
help us achieve SDG14.
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Germany stands
with old and new
by this goal. Together
partners, we want to help
coastal and marine
sustainably, establish new
and combat marine litter.
areas, manage
So far we have made eleven voluntary
commitments, for example the
International Climate Initiative for the
protection and
areas and combatting
also contribute to the
for Regional
biodiversity and the
promoting protected
marine litter. We will
advance the
sustainable use of marine
Blue Action Fund for
Governance" to
of SDG14.
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
i would like to
Germany had
reaching Call
clear that not
same speed.
able to take big
say at
this point that
for a much more
for Action. Of course,
all countries can work
In some cases we will be
steps, while wewill have
at the
to be content with smaller achievements in
others. But We can no
what we
need are
honest, we are still far from
changing conference.
signing joint
longer afford to
declarations of
statements -
If we are
being a game,
merely be
intent and
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This Call for Action should therefore
the be qinning of a new era, in which
must continually raise our levels of
It is encouraging to see the
which has been attached to
marine governance during this
conference. We believe that regional
alliances and close cross-sector
cooperation are crucial for implementation.
This was also the clear message of the
popular discussion event we held two
days ago together with Sweden, UN
Environment and a group of international
Think Tanks.
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I ask you, colleagues, ladies and
gentlemen, today on World Oceans Day,
to endorse the Call for Action.
However, we should also use this
conference as an opportunity to pave the
way towards a coherent follow-up and
review process.
Let us
use the
good of billions of
for those coming
power of cooperation for
people worldwide
after us. Thank you.
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