United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

France, Germany and Switzerland

Proposal for statement by France, Germany and Switzerland
Focus area 12. Climate change
Mr Co-Chair,
We congratulate both of you, Co-chairs, for your approach to raise the level of ambition on climate change, while not pre-empting the outcome of COP21. We would support that climate change continues to be prominently featured in the next version of the document.
We will not be able to eradicate poverty and ensure a sustainable development without integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation including disaster risk management within the future agenda. The poorest populations are the first victims of a changing climate, especially those populations that largely depend on agriculture. The multiplication of natural disasters and man-made hazards threatens human lives and compromises the accomplished progresses in the field of MDGs, destroying human settlements and infrastructures, leading to more recurrent food crises and higher risks of pandemics and insecurity.
As we know, parties to the UNFCCC are currently negotiating a global climate change agreement to be concluded by 2015. We must therefore promote coherence and avoid duplication. In this regard, we welcome target a, but would strongly recommend to reformulate it as follows: “Hold the increase in global average temperature below the level agreed in international conventions whose objective is subject to an ongoing review.”
If we want a truly transformative agenda, targets that tackle climate challenges, from root causes to mitigation and adaptation, should be fully integrated within the agenda.
In order to ensure an ambitious mainstreaming of climate goals, it is very important to keep the various inter-linkages made between climate issues and other relevant development issues, such as those currently underlined in Focus area 12.