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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

High Level Political Forum
Session on “Ensuring that no one is left behind – Lifting pe
ople out of poverty and
addressing basic needs
11 July, 15.00 -16.30 p.m.
Statement by Ms. Carla Mucavi
Director of the FAO Liaison Office to the United Nations
Thank you for Madam moderator. I have the honour to
speak on behalf of the Food and
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO
Addressing poverty and reaching the furthest behind
first is of paramount relevance for
people living in rural areas.
The rural poor represent more than three-quarters o
f the global population living in
poverty. Their efforts to overcome this condition a
re often limited by lack of decent
jobs, social protection, and of inadequate access to
natural and productive resources.
Policies focusing on the critical agents of change
- family farmers, foresters, fisherfolk,
rural women and rural youth – can produce dramatic
and lasting effects on the
economies of developing countries.
I would also like to highlight the win-win situatio
ns we can create by combining
productive support with social protection.
For example, cash transfers can provide a buffer in
times of crisis, encourage school
attendance and regular health checks, and gives extr
a income that can be used to invest
in productive assets or in the welfare of families.
It is also money that is used to buy
locally, boosting rural economies and is an effectiv
e tool to empower women.
Another example is school meals, that help guarante
e the food security of poor children
in different countries. Procuring food for school m
eals from local family farmers ensures
healthy meals and creates markets for small-scale p
In this connection I would like to ask the panellis
ts, for whom I thank for their insights,
how we can stimulate these and other win-win situat
ions that, coherent with the spirit
of the 2030 Agenda, allows us to address different S
ustainable Development Goals with
an integrated approach?
Thank you for your attention.