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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

European Union

Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations
- Joint session between FfD and Post-2015 processes -
21-24 April, New York

EU speaking points
on the relationship between FfD and Post-2015 processes, including coherence between respective outcome documents
Friday, 24 April

delivered by
Mr. Gaspar Frontini,
Head of Unit – Policy and Coherence
DG DEVCO, European Commission

- We would like to warmly thank you for effectively steering the discussion throughout the week. This joint session has proven to be an important step to exploit fully the synergies between these two fundamentally inter-related processes.
- We recognize and appreciate the areas of common ground you already underlined and the constructive dialogue and spirit by all during this week. It is crucial for our continued deliberations to consolidate areas where our views begin to converge. We also recognize that areas of divergence continue to exist and are determined to work together with all to bridge the gaps and find sustainable solutions.
- We are fully committed to a successful Conference in Addis Ababa and we share many of the comments made during the week on the need to be ambitious. In July, we have the opportunity to design a transformative set of MoI for the post-2015 agenda. We should not miss it. By framing the Addis outcome as the MoI pillar of post-2015 – encompassing the full range of MoI required to implement the agenda – we will meet the level of ambition needed. As we stressed during the week, failing to integrate the Addis outcome within the September package will significantly detract from credibility, consistency and impact of our collective action.
- We need to avoid fragmented discussions and address the full range of means to implement the post-2015 agenda through the Addis negotiations. Any duplication of negotiations would be detrimental to both processes.
- We only have two and a half months to go till Addis and only four months till the September Summit. We should in both Addis and New York aim for success that lives up to our joint ambition and the transformation that is needed to meet the common challenges in the next 15 years. Let us therefore put all our efforts into the joint endeavour to reach successful outcomes for post-2015. We trust that you co-facilitators will continue to work together to ensure that the two interrelated processes will produce an integrated and coherent result in September. As you all pointed out, failure is not an option.
- We were pleased with the open discussion on science, technology and innovation issues that we had this week and last. It was particularly useful to hear some more defined ideas on the matter. For our part, convinced of the importance of science, technology and innovation, we have engaged and shared our views. We sensed trust being built and hope it will be maintained moving forward.
- With that in mind, we are ready to further discuss all science, technology and innovation issues during the upcoming meetings that the co-facilitators of the Addis process are scheduling to discuss the Addis draft outcome document. But we do not see value in taking up our discussion in a different track.

Thank you.