United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Greetings Chairman, Governments, Departments, Civil Society and Participants:
Indigenous People in Northern Sudan (Nubia) have lived on the Nile river which borders Egypt and
Ethiopia for thousands of years. This is the Indigenous land of the Nubian People.
In 1954 the Egyptian government and Sudanese government singed an agreement to build the High
Dam which surrounds the Sudanese Nubian Indigenous land. With the establishment and release of
the water from the High Dam the Indigenous Nubians living in Old Haifa were forcibly displaced and
driven to the city now known as New Haifa in Eastern Sudan in 1964.
This new area, that the Indigenous Nubian from Old Haifa were forcibly displaced onto, had a
completely different climate. The land was much but the water was scarce so another dam was built,
the Khash Algrba Dam in New Haifa, to bring water to the people.
There was a small river that formed from the release of dam that became contaminated with much
pestilence. The dirty-stagnant water attracted mosquito's which caused malaria and diesese amongst
the people.
The houses the government built for the Indigenous Nubians in New Haifa are contaminated with
asbestos roofs. The Indigenous Nubian People who live in these asbestos roof houses, since the
building of the High Dam, have developed many forms of cancer due to the asbestos contamination.
The Indigenous Nubian People living in New Haifa have no where to go so they continue living in
these asbestos contaminated homes which are killing the Indigenous men, women and children of
The Indigenous Nubian People have lost their Indigenous cultural and traditional land, artifacts, regalia,
and much more due to the building many Dams. The Indigenous Nubians are in fear of losing their
ancestral language and practices due to immense displacement, unsustainable development and
chemical contamination.
Now the Knash Algrba Dam which was the main resource for farming and water sustainability for the
Indigenous Nubians in New Haifa has been completely blocked due to silt build up. This unfortunate
occurrence has caused drought and famine amongst the displaced Indigenous Nubian People living in
New Haifa
Immediate reclamation of sustainable living, farming, water-sanitation-hygiene, trade, learning,
holistic medical practices and development are the demands Indigenous Nubian People.
The government has made attempts to assist but the problem is to big. The displacement of the
Sudanese Indigenous Nubian People is a violation against their Human Rights and their Indigenous
Peoples Rights which are protected by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and
the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.
The Ethiopian World Federation, International NGO in ECOSOC Status, has developed a Best Practice
thru their AD HOC UNIT titled ?Policy in Action? which will assist in implementing the
transformation from displacement to sustainable development for the Indigenous Nubian People of Old
Haifa and New Haifa
The Ethiopian World Federation has also established a subsidiary charter ?Onna Charity
Organization For Peace and Development? in Khartoum, Sudan to partner in protecting and
overseeing the rights and sustainable development of New Haifa and Old Haifa
Many Human Rights and Indigenous Rights violations against innocent men, women and children have
taken place and we are confident that the United Nation CSD will fully recognize the abuse and begin
to rectify this atrocious dead with much urgency.
Human Rights and Indigenous rights must be respected, honored and restored in-order to begin to
practice true Sustainable Development.
Thank you.