United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Thank you Mr. Chairman, Rapporteur, panelist, members of states, departments, civil society and
concerned International Citizens of Mother Earth.
On behalf of NGO's , I Sandra Nelson Zongo, President of the Ethiopian World Federation in ECOSOC
Consultative Status, present before you today one of our best practices which assist in establishing economic, social
and ecological sustainable Green Cities for displaced refugees which includes women, children, men, families and
elders of Indigenous Lands whom are victims of:
Human Trafficking
Economic, social and ecological sustainable Green Cities include:
OBGYN Holistic Health Center, Family Clinic, with a Holistic Dental Wing
Community Green Farming that promotes international trading
Fully inclusive city recycling centers
Green Water treatment Unit
Unity Floral Gardens
Sustainable Economic Entrepreneur centers
Indigenous Awareness and Preservation Cultural Halls and museums
Sustainable Adobe Housing equipped with water cistern, solar panels and green facilities
Sustainable Learning University
Activation of responsible solutions are key in implementing a sustainable climate for all human life.
It is our hope that consideration in partnering with civil society to assist in reaching Sustainable goals be addressed
further during this session and as we move forward in our journey to activating green, sustainable solutions.
Let us be reminded that we are speaking on behalf of Humans whose sustainability has been threatened and is in
immediate need of full transformation.
Thank you for hearing one voice that resounds the needs of many Peoples.