United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Denmark, Ireland and Norway

OWG 11 - statement by Norway, Denmark, Ireland on FA 7 – Energy:
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• We support an ambitious goal with a set of actionable and measurable targets on energy.

• The current text captures the central issues that should be included as targets under a goal on sustainable energy for all.

• The first three target areas in particular - a, b, and c, - are crucial for the achievement of poverty eradication and sustainable development. They are in line with the SE4All initiative, and must form part of the SDG framework.

• We also support the inclusion of a target on phasing out of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption, based on the current (e). Let me refer to the explanation given by Canada, that only a tiny proportion (8%) of today's subsidies are efficient in the sense that they are actually reaching the poor.

• Finally, we would like to see a target on universal access to clean and efficient cook stoves and fuels. This is to some extent captured by the current target area (d), which contains some references whose meaning is unclear to us – such as “energy technologies” and “advanced” cookstoves.
For the record, we would like to mention that our troika was among the supporters of an energy goal with this kind of targets during the 10th session. Our troika has, however, not been referenced in the end notes.