United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Denmark, Ireland and Norway

Remarks by Denmark, Ireland and Norway (at the 11th. OWG) – rev4

Focus area 11:
Sustainable Consumption and Production

- Sustainable Consumption and Production is at the very heart of sustainable development and therefore also a key issue in a new set of global sustainable development goals. We believe we must set the right level of ambition in this area to achieve sustainable consumption and production patterns. We need action-oriented targets that lead to a real decoupling of economic growth from environmental and social degradation.

- We welcome the developments with regard to the targets listed and find that the text covers most of the central issues related to promoting sustainable consumption and production.

- With regard to the targets we have the following comments:
• We can support targets b, e, f, g and h
• Target a: We support, but would like to highlight the importance of respecting the carrying capacity of the planet
• Target c: We support, but suggest to include a reference to the use of best available techniques within all sectors of production

- We further would like to add the following targets to the text
o A measurable target on the share of sustainable procurement of total government procurements, as well as promoting sustainable corporate procurement - which are both central drivers in promoting SCP
o A target related to the sound management of chemicals and
o A target regarding the decoupling between economic growth and environmental impact, also raised in our statement on economic growth, and we would like to see this mentioned in one of these focus areas.

- Finally, we stress the importance of the 10 Year Framework of Programmes as a key delivery mechanism for achieving more sustainable consumption and production patterns and find, that the SCP theme are also relevant for a number of other focus areas due to important interlinkages, and welcome as well relevant targets under biodiversity and ecosystems, oceans, agriculture, water, energy and economic growth and decent jobs as well as industrialization, where they should also be appropriately integrated.