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Denmark, Ireland and Norway

OWG 11 Comments by Norway, Denmark and Ireland on
Focus Area 12 - Climate Change
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Co-chair, the challenge of combating climate change and adapting to its consequences cannot be separated meaningfully from the challenges of developing sustainably, combating poverty and enhancing human welfare.
Our main priority in working on this agenda has been mainstreaming climate change mitigation and adaptation in targets to build resilience, and reduce and manage risk across focus areas. Like CARICOM, we have not yet concluded our deliberations on the possibility of a stand-alone goal. We seek a framework which is effectively balanced across the three dimensions. The SDG framework should support and complement the efforts being made under the UNFCCC, while avoiding duplication of the discussions and processes undertaken there.
Chairman, many delegates have queried the term climate-smart targets this week . Our understanding of climate smart targets includes many already captured in the document such as targets on energy efficiency, halting deforestation, reforestation on degraded land, maintaining genetic diversity in agriculture for adaptive capacity and combating air pollution. We shall continue to promote such targets across several areas.
Commenting briefly on the climate targets proposed by the co-chairs, we agree on substance but find that some are partly included under other focal areas, like point b) on building resilience and adaptive capacity. Point c) could be considered in the context of further refining the targets in sustainable cities. We would welcome if the ideas embedded in d) on investments in low carbon solutions could be captured under infrastructure, industry or economic growth. The notion in e) about improving education on climate change, should be captured as part of sustainable development in an education target. We are supportive of a reference to the important 2-degree target in the SDG-framework.