United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Czech Republic

Mme chairman,
we fully align ourselves with the statement delivered by the European Union yesterday and by
Spain, Sweden and other speakers today.
We wish to share with you observations regarding responses to question 1 on what can CSD do
to help ensuring that sound management of chemicals is prioritized. We think that the Commision
should recognize importance of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management,
SAICM as we believe it is important and irreplaceable global framework for achieving chemicals
related MDGs as stated earlier by UNEP, Spain and other speakers.
Moreover, SAICM is a broad approach involving many sectors and stakeholders, so that it
encourages integrated consideration of different policy areas.
Secondly, the Commission should also underline the importance of ongoing synergies process.
Our experience clearly shows the following: if we succeed in better coordination of the support
activities to allow for more effective and efficient use of limited financial and human resources, it
leads to more pronounced international co-benefits and significant improvement of the
The Czech Republic has always been a country, where industry plays an important role. We have
gathered a significant range of experience related to the chemicals management within the lifecycle,
including disposal and remediation of environmental hotspots, while striving towards
sustainable consumption and production of chemicals. Nowadays, the emphasis, at least in our
case, is not put on the creation of the coherent legal framework, but rather on the effective
implementation of existing measures and assistance to other countries to reduce risks stemming
from chemicals.
We were involved in several bilateral projects related to chemicals management in countries of
the Central and Eastern European region. These projects reduce environmental risks from
chemicals, contribute to the remediation of the site and its surroundings, establish proper waste
management schemes or conversion of the technology to prevent further contamination of the
environment and reduce health risks. We strived to cooperate in such a way, that the project and
facilities or services that are put in place continue serving after the end of the projects and so far
we achieved success. However, let me say that our help would not be possible without active
participation of the recipient countries that have put chemicals among their development
Thank you for your attention.