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Czech Republic

Projev L. Pokorného, MŽP, jménem ČR na mezivládním vyjednávání o SDGs (OSN, New York, 24.3. 2015)
Distinguished co-facilitators, Excellencies, dear colleagues,
I align my statement with that of the European Union on indicators in this session. For the Czech Republic, the question of indicators is important not only from the technical point of view but also considering our long-standing involvement in this area, culminating in the chairmanship of the Commission for Sustainable Development in the time when the Blue Book was published.
We have always defended UN-based, scientific, inclusive and multi-stakeholder approach that must benefit from the work of different important actors in order to avoid duplication and seek synergies. In this sense, we are very supportive of the work of the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development (IAEG-SDG). From the process that led to the definition of the MDGs indicators, we have learnt that it is crucial to have precise, easily communicable targets specified by indicators developed within a sufficient timeframe. While we underscore the need for sufficient time for the development of the indicators, we must nevertheless proceed in a concentrated manner, without delay, as the work clearly is demanding. It is very probable that some of the more general targets will require a lot of work in sharpening their focus through indicators. Considering the time limits, but also the national capacity limits, mainly due to the need for proper national consultations, the current number of the proposed indicators should decrease in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
Speaking about our ambition to arrive, in the end, at a truly transformative global agenda, we need to consider carefully the balance between the national, regional and global levels. On the one hand, our interconnected world calls for global, easily understandable goals, targets and indicators. On the other hand, we must not forget that the measurement of the progress achieved is to be based on the collection of data at the national level where much greater focus must be put on disaggregated data. Also, the very nature of the future Sustainable Development Goals, resting on the three basic pillars, need to reflect the latter appropriately. We must not allow for either of these pillars to be underrepresented or left aside. In this sense, we support the development of such indicators that serve the measuring of different targets simultaneously, reflecting and underscoring the very nature of sustainable development.
I thank you.