United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Cyprus, Singapore and United Arab Emirates


Thank you Mr. Co-Chair for giving me the floor I have the honor of speaking on behalf of the troika of Cyprus, Singapore and the UAE

On Focus area 9. Industrialization and promoting equality among nations

• Our troika believes that Industrialization is a very important priority theme which along with other sectors of the economy significantly contributes to economic growth.

• We are of the view that the issue of sustainable industrialization should be mainstreamed in relevant goals and targets, rather than as a standalone goal. In particular, relevant action points should be addressed under other focus areas, such as focus areas 8 and 11.

• We also believe that equality between nations is related to all focus areas and not only with industrialization as it is reflected in the title of this focus area, therefore, we do not support a standalone goal on equality.

• We note that (a) overlaps with focus area 8(e) and that it should be addressed under focus area 8.

• Likewise, (b) also overlaps with focus area 8(b) and that it should be addressed under focus area 8. In action area (b) we would like to include “green jobs” and combine it with action area 8(b) on decent work for all which reads “achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all who seek employment including for marginalized groups by 2030, particularly through the promotion of green jobs and job-rich industrial development.”

• Further we note that (c) overlaps with 8(f).

• We would like to stress the point that high productivity does not necessarily lead to sustainable production and thus we should strive to develop targets that truly contribute to the realization of sustainable development (i.e. resource productivity).

• Regarding (e), rather than a potential target, this point may serve as a set of potential indicators to the latter half of (g) with amendments which read as “improve resource productivity through accelerating development and adoption of environmentally sound industrial technologies and processes” and we suggest to place (e) and (g) under focus area 11.

• We note that (f) is linked to focus area 11(d) and suggest that it be addressed under focus area 11.

• We are of the view that (h) should be placed under focus area 11 and be further developed as possible targets for (g) as noted above.

On Focus area 10. Sustainable cities and human settlements

• The Troika strongly supports a potential goal on sustainable cities and human settlements. We advocate an outcome-based approach to potential targets in this focus area.

• We view that target (a) is important to be addressed.

• On (b), we view that sustainable transport is important, including public transport, and this item may be further developed with the following proposed target:

• By 2030, provide universal access to affordable, equitable, safe and sustainable urban and peri-urban transport for connected and healthy communities.

• Regarding (c), we would like to further elaborate on this action point with the following proposed target:

• By 2030, reduce urban sprawl and footprints by promoting balanced territorial development through integrated urban planning and management.

• On (f), (g), and (h), we can explore merging these action points under the following proposed target which focuses on developing socially cohesive communities:

• By 2030, ensure universal access to inclusive, safe public space, developed with respect to cultural and natural heritage for enhanced social cohesion.

Thank you Mr. Co-Chair