United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Cyprus, Singapore and United Arab Emirates

Open Working Group on Sustainable Development- 10th Session
31 March- 4 April 2014
Cyprus-Singapore-United Arab Emirates

Thursday, April 3 2014

Talking points

Focus Area 16: Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas
• Our Troika supports a dedicated goal on this focus area given the relevance of oceans and seas to the whole world; they are not only environmental, but also economic and social.
• Further emphasis may be placed on exploring economic and social dimensions under this focus area or by mainstreaming in other focus areas, such as in focus area 2 on “sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition” and focus area 8 on “economic growth.”
• Among the action areas identified, we view that (a), (b), (c) and (i) are particularly important and should be considered for possible targets.
• Particularly for action area (a) we would like to draw attention to the commitment in the Rio Outcome Document, paragraph 163 to take action by 2025 and achieve significant reductions in marine debris in order to prevent harm to the coastal and marine environment
• We view that action area (f) should be better addressed under focus area 2
• Action area (k) on sustainable tourism is more relevant to focus area (16) on ecosystems and biodiversity
• We support action area (j) as potential target however we want to be consistent with the terminology used up to date which is “Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction. BBNJ process is currently discussing the scope of the conservation and we should not prejudge those discussions

Talking Points
Focus Area 17: Ecosystems and biodiversity
• Some of the biodiversity related targets have links to issues such as oceans/seas, food security, health and water, economic growth, thus may be mainstreamed under other focus areas, but we view that having a standalone goal may be beneficial given the importance of biodiversity.
• We support addressing action areas on forests given their importance including resource delivery and contribution to stabilization of global climate, although some of them may be merged, such as (e) and (f).
• On (a), we propose to add “creation of protected areas.”
• On (h), we suggest to address monitoring and reporting issue as a cross-cutting issue rather than as a specific action point under a particular focus area.