United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Cyprus, Singapore and United Arab Emirates

Water and Sanitation
Delivered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on behalf of
Troika - Cyprus, Singapore and the UAE
Third Open Working Group Meeting (22-24 May 2013)

Mr. Co-Chairs,

Following on our intervention yesterday, I would like to briefly make a few remarks.

First, we would like to emphasis the importance of the nexus approach, to link water, energy and food moving forward, given their interdependencies.

Second, as we noted yesterday, at an absolute minimum, we would need an SDG that builds on the MDG Target 7C and takes it further, particularly in view of the fact that our progress on access to basic sanitation has been lagging.

Third, we need to review a wide range of water management issues including waste water management and use of renewable energy in processing of water for drinking, agricultural, industrial and other purposes.

With the growing population, it is critical that we approach water issues holistically than ever before. We look forward to further discussing with other partners how we might be able to collectively work together in meeting our challenges ahead.

Thank you.