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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


As requested.
Resume of the comente from Cuba in the session on thematic discussions SCP. From 7th May.
Cuban Delegate support the statement made by Singapore on behalf of the G-77
.Grateful for the 4th presentations for yesterday and today´s
For Cuba is important all the analyzed issues. Our country fulfill the most important target of the MDG and Johannesburg Action Plan.
· We highlighted that current patterns of production and consumption are not only irrational but also have been imposed by the development models that developed countries impose to developing countries.
· The change must begin with changes in developed countries.
· It´s not enough that new technologies are implemented in a timely manner,We emphasize that any proposed of change in technology must be supported with training and financial resources.
· The Green Economy (GE) concept did not demonstrate how will combat and eradicate the poverty. GE should include in its systematic the analyze of the economic model and the main causes of poverty, it is, the inequitable distribution patterns that the current economic model maintain.
· Few elements of the Green economy are directly positive for sustainable development for example
· Green Economy should be based on the principles agreed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio, Agenda 21 and the Johannesburg Programme (incorporating the three dimensional approach of sustainable development).
· We must emphasize that it must have appropriate financial mechanisms for the transition to this model, taking into account the needs of developing countries, which lack the resources and conditions to address the priorities that are established with this vision.
Dr Raul Garrido.