United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Concluding Remarks by H.E. Dr. Abdul Momen

General Assembly Consultative Workshops on:
“Development, transfer and dissemination of clean
and environmentally sound technologies in developing countries”
Workshops 1 & 2 (30 April and 1 May 2013) – Workshops 3 & 4 (30 and 31 May 2013)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have come to the end of this very interesting debate on development, transfer and
dissemination of environmentally sound technologies among Member States.
In the first round of workshops, we became acquainted with aspects related to the
technology needs of countries and options on how to address them. In the sessions
held these two days, the focus was directed towards enhancing Member States
capacities to access and utilise environmentally sound technologies through
international structures, institutions and initiatives and the way forward in terms of
strengthening the international architecture in order to induce a higher degree of
coordination in the field of sustainable development and technology transfer.
We have listened to enriching presentations and have been also briefed about the
challenges which are building up upon the subject. Those discussions clearly
emphasize the importance of having a regular exchange of views among Member
States, the UN system, and civil society stakeholders in a more interactive format
whenever it comes to issues that still require a more precise clarification in order to be
tackled. These workshops, as stipulated in the resolution 67/203, have counted since
the beginning on full support from the UN system in a way conducive to the
involvement of all relevant stakeholders. Several Member States have also delivered
important statements and expressed their views on the conduction of the process.
The deliberations held in these workshops, plus other inputs received from Member
States and other stakeholders, shall provide an excellent blueprint to for assessment of
the stakes which technology and sustainable development. It is also worth mentioning
that the discussions and recommendations arising from these Workshops and from
written submissions are meant to underpin a report by the Secretary-General on the
way forward in this area, to be presented at the 68th Session of the General Assembly
starting as of next September.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear fellow Member States representatives,
I would like to reserve our final words to express our gratitude and appreciation to
this team of able and deeply engaging Moderators and Panellists who contributed to
ensure a high-level quality for discussions held.
I thank you all for your attention.