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Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C.

Good afternoon your excellences and global leaders!

This week has been very unique and inspiring. We, change makers of 193 nations, have been working and sharing solutions to restore our vital source of life: the Oceans. Thanks UN and organizing parties for bringing us together.

On behalf of Comunidad y Biodiversidad, I present our position to accelerate the implementation of SDG14.

1. Let’s break our conventional paradigms. We have to be novel. We need effective participation, citizen science, right-based, and ecosystem-based approaches to cope with the enormous challenges our oceans are facing.
2. We must invest in capacity-building to have strong leaders and fishing organizations, of men and women, that feel proud of following the rules and that significantly contribute to ocean sustainability. Ultimately, this is essential to end overfishing and IUU fishing which are costing our global economy billions of dollars each year.
3. We need to collectively adopt international standards of sustainability in small-scale and industrial fisheries as well as promote responsible consumption of seafood products to do not complicit with overfishing and IUU fishing.
4. To expand the impacts of no-take zones, let’s focus on increasing effectiveness in addition to coverage, using our best science and integrating all users.
5. We must create incentives for bright sustainable practices in order to inspire more communities to replicate such practices. In this context, this year, we want to launch, for the first time, the Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Award in collaboration with the Mexican state.
6. Let’s fully commit and make SDG14 and complementary international agreements, such as the SSF voluntary guidelines of FAO, our common goal.

We are ocean people. The ocean is a very special place for all of us. But time is ticking. For our oceans and our people, let’s take individual and collective actions and accelerate the recovery of “life below water”.

Todos somos Comunidad, Todos somos Biodiversidad!
Muchas gracias!