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China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan

Statement by Troika of China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan on Cluster 6 of focus areas on 10th Session of SDGs OWG.

I have the honour to speak on behalf of Troika of China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan. We support the statement made by Bolivia on behalf of G77 and China.

On focus area 16 Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources,oceans and seas
 We believe the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas are very important.
 We support some of the bullet points in this focus area, however, we also have concerns on a few bullet points
 on bullet point h: We believe the current wording is too broad and general to be implemented, and it is obviously not a goalable target, therefore we propose to merge it into narative para and change it to “promoting implementation of regional and international regimes governing oceans and sea” in narative forms.
 On bullet point i: As we understand, The international community does not have consensus on establishing Marine protected area yet. Some regional organizations and groups of countries are adopting such measures as MPAs on a merely unilateral basis. Therefore, in the absence of a internationally agreed regime for the establishment of MPAs, we propose not to discuss it in SDGs.

 On bullet point j: We are of the view that protecting marine resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) is just one side of the coin. Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources in ABNJ should be treated on equal footing and in a balanced manner. More importantly, the GA has already established an Ad Hoc Working Group working on the marine biodiversity within ABNJ, including the marine resources. Since the debate of this issue is still going on in that forum, we propose not to discuss it in SDGs.

On focus area 17 Ecosystems and Biodiversity
 We generaly support this focus area, Some targets areas could include: enhancing ecological conservation ,raise public awareness ,encourage a sustainable pattern of consumption and production, expanding forest coverage, harnessing forest resources etc.
 We think this focus area could be clustered with other environment focus areas such as ocean, so that we chould address environmental issues in a wholistic manner.
 On bullet point B, we propose to change it to “protect endangered species according to the consensus under the framework of CITES(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species )