United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Recent years have seen a severe depletion of global resources, including
energy resources. How to establish a model of sustainable production and
consumption to replace the current model which uses up large amount of
energy and resources and damages ecological environment -- this question
bears on the fundamental interest of all the people of the world and on global
sustainable development.
In our view, at the national level, realization of sustainable production
and consumption should be included in the overall planning and strategy for
national economic and social development and should be used to guide
national economic activities. Efforts should be stepped up to adjust
economic and industrial structures with the focus on the development of
green economy. At the international level, it is necessary to strengthen
relevant international cooperation, especially to establish corresponding
mechanisms for financial and technological transfer.
The Chinese government attaches great importance to the question of
sustainable production and consumption. It has adopted legal, economic,
technical and, when necessary, administrative means to energetically push
for green development and the building of a society that is resource efficient
and environment friendly. We have also carried out public awareness
campaigns to advocate ways of production, models of consumption and
living habits that are resource efficient. China is willing to strengthen
cooperation with other countries in this field in our common effort to realize
sustainable production and consumption.
Doc Chi